Monday, July 20, 2009


  1. ... nice! forgot about midnight rider!..... what the feck is paul macartney doing in there!...ffs!
    Just a tip, copy and paste the player code either in the footer space in layout, or in the sidebar, that way it'll always stay on your page. Oh and to follow people who don't seem to have a foolw button, go to the very top of the page and you can see "search blog, flag blog and follow blog", click on follow, hey presto!... are you packed yet by the way!?.. we mowed the field and everything :-D Oh, and bring willy and his shrooms, lol!

  2. howdy... from a displaced north american in France... saw you over at the Watercats place, trotted over here to take a look, signed up to follow, and got the fastest reciprocal turnaround follow time ever, I mean, like I had barely signed in to yours, when two seconds later I saw you pop up in my box... now that was fast ! anyway, nice to meet ya, hope to see you 'round the blogosphere... and too bad about your Les Paul disappearing, that sucks...

  3. Just a little side note to my comment on the Watercats blog..Mr. Meatloaf DID NOT..I say again
    DID not nick my Les Paul..only kidding about that one..but he did set our Tour Bus kitchen on fire and
    that really pissed us off!!!

    Love to all

  4. Hi Harry! (aka Mojo) :)
    I love Eddie Vedder's voice, thanks for taking me back!