Friday, July 31, 2009


Greetings Friends Worldwide, I LOVE old vintage cars, guitars and The Beach Boys!
Hey..I drive a 1967 Blue VW Bug Ok? :-) ...It's a California Thang Baby!
Yesterday was a wonderful day with friends enjoying the vintage cars of a bye gone era. Take a short tour with me and take a peek through the lens of my Canon Digital SLR..They just don't make cars like this anymore kiddies!
Thank you all very much for your emails and words of support!
Please feel free to leave me your comments ..I love to read them..and thank you all for the very warm welcome to my new blog home here at " Confessions of a Accidental Rock Star"
Enjoy.. Harry
Greetings from Sandy Eggo!
Sorry there are a few doubles..still getting the hang of this software!
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As a footnote to the “Blast from the Past “ photo blog ..may I direct you to
this article from the New York Times about that Little Deuce Coupe
the Beach Boy made so famous.

Surfers Met Rodders, and a Genre Was Born

All Photos Copyright 2009 C. -LENZWORK - A MOJO ENTERPRISE 2009


  1. I love looking at old cars!! When I lived in Alaksa, they had car shows all the time. I rarelt see them here in Oly town. Was the green car/tail lights an old falcon? It kind looks like one! And the picture of the back of that gray car with the painted bird.... awesome! Thanks for sharing! You're the best Mojo!

  2. Great photos Harry! Once a year, we are overrun by Ferraris...which I'm sure some people find cool, I just find them LOUD, LOL, have yet to see an "oldie" show in these parts! I love the "wag more bark less" message, ha ha! Great! Gosh, the Beach Boys take me back to my childhood actually. My grandfather had a greatist hits album and I remember my favourite was Fun Fun Fun! I'd dance around in the living room holding a rolled up magazine as my microphone, lol.

  3. Howdy Harry ! Jeez, between This & That and here, looks like you had a veritable field day out there with the old cars... will have to post some photos I did this Spring here in France of some old cars at a gathering... love those old Mustangs and Corvettes... another era... my very first car that I bought for 300 dollars when I was 17 was a '65 Mustang convertible with 4 speed, 289... it was a fixer upper, but I had alot of fun with it. Used to park it at the high school I went to, and as the door locks were broken, other kids would go out and use it for a smoking chamber... won't say what they were smoking ! See ya !

  4. These are some tasty cars! They really don't make 'em like that any more. Can you imagine anyone in forty years' time saying that about our characterless modern blobs?

  5. Those are some mighty fine machines - clearly daddy has yet to take the T-bird away as far as you are concerned!

    Did you know that the reason that Brian Wilson is deaf in one ear is because his dad slapped him so hard he burst an eardrum?

    Of course you did.

    Keep on rocking

  6. Hey Mari..thanks for your comments..they had car shows in Alaska? wow!..not dog sled shows instead? Hey remember when the Lonely Gnomes hailed from Alaska? Mari..we go back a few years.. :-)

    Hey Rain..The Beach Boys do have the car thing down don't they? You should come to San Diego and see the Car shows here..UNREAL!!!
    Thanks for your comments!

    Yo Owen!!.. I so OWE YOU a long email..still trying to find the time..working and summer fun here in San Diego keeping me from the IMac these days! Hey I used to hang out in a 65 Mustang at school and hang out in a smoking chamber..WOW! that was your car Owen? ;-)
    PS Yes Owen I lived right behind the Hershey Chocolate Factory in Hersey PA..The air was 100% chocolate 7/24 365 days year..:-)
    No wonder I LOVE THE STUFF!!!!

    Hey Argent..Thanks Mate..I will be posting about
    twenty five more photos back to this blog for your viewing enjoyment..Yeah..they just don't make em like this anymore..:-)

    Peony Jane..thank you..Kathi Lee story will be blogged soon.. :-)

    Don't Feed the Pixies..Thank you kindly for your great comments..and no.. I did NOT know that Brian Wilson's Dad burst Brian's eardrum..That must have hurt a bit..Brian's amazing body of musical work still rings true today as it did FORTY years ago..
    Thanks and Cheers!
    Harry aka Mojo

  7. hello harry man! sorry it took so long to call round to you, we lost track of everyone we follow and it takes sooo much tiiimmeee..... anyway, here we are!
    They're some damn fine photos of cars! You're right, they don't make them like they used to any more, everything is plastic this and that and electronic dooveries, and roundy crap. If I won the lottery, (which I plan to do soon), I would buy a vintage something or other, and spend loads getting it modernised engine and such wise.... a new car on the inside, a funky old thing on the outer....

  8. I love old cars too, but the British and European sport varieties. Well, my grandfather's 1936 Packard too! I'm curious as to what the grey convertible with the roll bar is in your photos. (The one with the laughing girl!)

  9. Hey Deborah..just in case my email didn't make it to you that car was a Cobra Replica is a webiste about the car
    Have fun Shopping! :-)
    I love your writing..continue success!